Blogging in 2011

Posted on January 1, 2011


A blessed year 2011

The thought of blogging has been with me for sometime. Through out last year-2010, I met a number of friends who have been blogging ever since and I drew the encouragement.

A long list led by the ever-vibrant James Murua of, the prolific Wamathai Warugongo of the, Anyiko of, Grace Kerongo of Hot Secrets and Jackson Biko of Bikozulu all got me interested in blogging.

I have read and fell in love with the creativity, the flair and the committment by bloggers. I have read what I like, what I would love to hate and all has given me a direction.

But just like I have learnt from these people in the hard work and long time they put in this work, blogging requires dedication and consistency. It is what makes a difference from one blog to another and distinguishes your caliber of readers.

Mine is business, boring it might be but I endeavor to make it port of call for quick read on business news and events. It will also feature analysis on topical business issues and news as well as write ups around economic issues.

I know this will constitute a learning process from seasoned bloggers, friends and foes as well as positive and negative criticism. After all that is what makes us be who we are; a slap here, a kick there and once in a while a whip on the backside.
You must now be wondering why the long prologue, but hey we all need a starting point and this is where I start and trust that I will keep the fire burning.

Lets do this!

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