Safaricom to go ‘mteja’ at the weekend

Posted on February 24, 2011


Nairobi, February 24, 2011…Integrated communications’ company Safaricom has today announced a major systems upgrade whose aim is to achieve a better experience for its over 17 million subscribers.

The key upgrade, which is slated for 8 pm on Saturday 26th to 10 am on Sunday 27th February 2011, will result in the migration from the current billing system to a new and more versatile platform, affording Safaricom the opportunity to offer its customers more innovative services.

Among the key benefits of the new platform are faster turnaround for new products, services and promotions, better targeting of customer segments by Safaricom, full integration of PrePay and PostPay offerings and better and simpler products.

During the period of the cut-over, customers will have access to a limited menu of services, namely making and receiving calls, calls to customer service lines 100 and 200, sending and receiving SMSs, balance enquiry by dialling *141# and also send and receive transactions under M-PESA. The system is expected to automatically revert to normal operations without any action by the subscriber after the upgrade.

The upgrade is expected to affect calls and SMSs to local and international networks. All top-up methods including the use of scratch cards, M-PESA, electronic options such as PINless and ATM-based will not be available during the period. Subscribers will also not be able to enjoy Sambaza, PrePay roaming, PrePay data, Skiza, Okoa Jahazi, first-call activation through 212, MMS and Premium Rated SMS services such as 411. PostPay subscribers will also not be able to pay their bills using any of the available methods, while Safaricom Shops will remain closed.

“While we regret the temporary outage on some services, the upgrade is necessary in order to delight our customers more with a better proposition and overall experience. The upgrade is as a result of an active strategy of constantly listening to the needs of our growing subscriber base. After the cut-over, our customers can expect more innovative products and services from us,” said Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore.

Safaricom has also sought to limit the effect on its customers by planning the upgrade during a traditional off-peak period.

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