Ok you want a discount? Here is a deal…

Posted on March 23, 2011


Hard hit by the tough economic times, folks are looking for deals everywhere just to save on that extra shillings.

Here is a deal. A deal that is very ideal especially in these times that have forced most of us to do without things we would have really liked.

Zetu Deals has introduced a ‘Chama’ deal that enables friends to enjoy up to about 40 per cent discounts on items. That is a deal, more so with Easter fast approaching and we would all like to give presents to loved ones.

This is how it works, simple and fun especially to those of us who are residents of social media.

This simple, step one is to obviously get yourself in a group of three or more friend. There you go it’s a chama already.

The second thing to do is to create a name, a fancy name that captures the essence of chama like if you love cakes the give it a name like “ZETU CAKE FANS” or “ZETU MOVIE FANS” or “ZETU UNLIMITED SHOPPERS”

That done get to send an email with your group details (group name and the name of the members) to info@zetu.co.ke. The folks back at Zetu will send you a feedback email regarding the confirmation of your group.

Great, now watch out for the deals offered daily by Zetu by being a fan of Zetu Deals on Facebook and also following @zetudeals on twitter. You can also do a search of the deals via #myzetudeal

Also, make sure you work with the provided hours. This is the duration offered by Zetu Deals for you to buy the coupon before it gets closed.

Of the deals offered on a daily basis on Zetu, you stand to benefit from the discounted pricing. This even gets better in cases where the team is offering a 30 per cent daily discount, you and your other friends EACH get 40 per discount on that deal. Now that’s some deal.

So get a couple of your friends, form the Chama and get the DEALS with ZETU DEALS.

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