Safaricom Vs Porting Access Kenya

Posted on May 9, 2011


On Friday a high court judge issued orders against Porting Access Kenya and its Chairman Mr Patrick Musimba.

The orders were to restrain the company and its chairman against making any statements accusing Safaricom of sabotaging the Number Portability exercise currently on going.

The genesis of this order arose from statements that Mr Musimba first made on a live TV show PMLive on NTV. In an interview with the show host, Mr Musimba accused the leading mobile service provider of blocking several requests from their subscribers to move to other networks.

In his words, Mr Musimba accused the firm of acts akin to Cyber Terrorism, that has resulted into the porting exercise becoming a near cropper. He did not stop there, he repeated the same accusation at a media briefing the next day that was aired across all TV Channels and carried by newspapers as well as radio stations.

Well, Safaricom did not take this kindly and took to the corridors of justice seeking to gag Mr Musimba. The soft-spoken Mr Musimba is not known to shy away from expressing himself and rightfully believes so.

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