KEPSA in a Sh138M internship deal with Kenya Institute of Management

Posted on September 8, 2011


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Nairobi – September 8, 2011- Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) today signed a contract agreement with the Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) to train youth interns under the Kenya Youth Empowerment Project (KYEP).

The ceremony was presided over by Carole Kariuki, KEPSA Chief Executive Officer and David Muturi, KIM Chief Executive Officer. The core skills training will be part of the various activities to be undertaken by KYEP.

The training will seek to fill the broad competency gaps that have been identified among the Youth as follows:

– Interpersonal skills needed in a business environment for effective communication; writing, speaking and presentation of ideas and concepts

-Critical thinking necessary for initiative, problem solving and decision making

– Entrepreneurial skills with specific emphasis on financial management, value based attitudes, planning, conformity to procedures and business ethics

“KEPSA is excited at this opportunity to work with KIM which is a well known and credible institution that will offer the much needed skills by the youth. This contract agreement is yet another confirmation that KEPSA is ready and willing to work with stakeholders that will empower the youth so that they either get gainful employment or create jobs through entrepreneurship” said Carole Kariuki.

In order to establish the training needs for the interns in the formal and informal sector, and subsequently in each of the priority sectors within Vision 2030 i.e. ICT, Energy, Finance, Tourism, Manufacturing and the MSE sector, KEPSA identified four consultants to develop training plans for the sectors, and to formulate a Training Needs Assessment (TNA).

The TNA identified Core Business training as key to the enhancement of youth employability. This training will be provided in a non-residential format over the 3-5 week period for each cycle (a total of 8 cycles planned for beginning 2011- each cycle will comprise of 6 months).

The design for the Core Business Skills training will infuse the broad competency gaps while specifically addressing the Core Business Skills.

The training will emphasize on the application of principles of transferable skills and a competency based learning approach.

Some of the content to be covered in Core Business Skills Training are: Human Resource Practices and Management; Business Practices& Entrepreneurship; Business Communication; Marketing; Financial Management; Office Practices &Etiquette; Customer Care and Basic Computer Use &Care.

KIM, which is also a member of KEPSA, was selected to offer this training after a rigorous process that involved placing an Expression of Interest in the media which attracted very competitive firms that had to fulfill the World Bank requirements before approval.

David Muturi, KIM CEO underpinned the institute’s commitment, “The Kenya Institute of Management underscores the need for wealth creation and realizes that youth empowerment is one of the surest avenues towards that. We laud KEPSA, the government of Kenya and the World Bank for this timely initiative as a significant contribution towards Kenya’s Vision 2030 and express KIM’s commitment to delivery of the objectives of this project”.

The first Core Business Skills training will start in Nairobi on 26th September 2011, with seven subsequent cycles at six monthly intervals thereafter. Similar training will be provided in Mombasa from the second cycle onwards.

A third location will be added in the third cycle. The total number of youth is anticipated to be in the order of 900 in the first cycle; increasing by 400 when Mombasa is added, and a further 135 when a third location is added.

In attendance were representatives from the Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Youth and Sports, the World Bank and KEPSA membership.


Kenya Youth Empowerment Project (KYEP) is a four years Kenya Government Project funded by World Bank. The project aims at supporting the Government of Kenya (GoK) efforts to increase access to youth-targeted temporary employment programs and to improve youth employability through private sector trainings and internships.

The project has three components and is coordinated by the Office of Prime Minister. Component 1 is Labor-intensive works and social services (US$ 43 million equivalent).

This component is to support the GoK in reducing the vulnerability of unemployed young women and men by expanding and enhancing the effectiveness of the Kazi Kwa Vijana (KKV) program.

The component finances labor-intensive projects that provide income opportunities to participating youth, and at the same time, enhance the communities’ access to social and economic infrastructure.

Component 2 is Private Sector Internships and Training (US$ 15.5 million equivalent). This component is to improve youth employability, by providing youth with work experience and skills through the creation of internships and relevant training in the formal and informal sector (with priority given to the five growth sectors defined by the Vision 2030).

This component is a pilot that addresses the lack of skills and work experience for unemployed young women and men.

Component 3 is Capacity Building and Policy Development (US$ 1.5 million equivalent).

The main objective of this component is to enhance the capacity of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports (MoYAS) to implement the national youth policy and increase the institutional capacity for youth policy planning.

For more information, contact: Ms. Carole Kariuki/Mr. David Muturi

Tel: 254-020-2730371/2                          Tel: 254-020-2445600

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