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In exercise of powers conferred by section 6(1) of the constitution, H.E. Mwai Kibaki, President and
Commander in Chief of Kenya Defense Forces of the Republic of Kenya has today made the following key appointments in

State Corporations under the Ministry of Tourism:

I. Anthony Wahome – Chairman, Catering and Tourism Development Levy Trustees
II. Gerson Misumi – Chairman, Kenya Utalii College
III. Killian Lugwe – Chairman, Hotels and Restaurants Authority

The announcements are carried in a special issue of The Kenya Gazette No. 69 dated 20th July 2012, which also includes changes by Minister for Tourism, Hon. Dan Mwazo, to Board Members in the same State Corporations.
Consequently, in exercise of powers conferred to the Minister by The State Corporations Act, The Hotels and Restaurants Act and The Kenya Tourist Development Corporation Act, Minister for Tourism has today made the following Board appointments:
1. Board Chair, Kenya Tourist Development Corporation
– Caroline Mutoko
2. Board of Members, Bomas of Kenya
(i) Mohamed Abdalla Salim
(ii) Anastacia Wakesho
(iii) Collins Omondi Haggai
(iv) Gideon Ndambuki
(v) Elizabeth Zani Wachira
(vi) Immanuel Ichor Imana
3. Board Members, Catering and Tourism Development Trustees
(i) Gideon Solonka Kilakoi
(ii) Amina Kasinga
(iii) Beryl Lillian Okumu
(iv) Kepha Bosire
(v) Khadija Ahmed Abdalla (Dr.)
4. Board Members, Kenyatta International Conference Centre
(i) Granton Samboja
(ii) Adan Wachu
(iii) Njoroge Kagwe
(iv) Sereya P Leseni
(v) William E. K. Ohonde
(vi) Kimuma Kosida George
5. Board Members, Kenya Safari Lodges and Hotels
(i) Vincent Watti
(ii) Dorah Waruiru
(iii) Vincent Mwalenga Mwakima
(iv) Nassie Ali Said
6. Board Members, Kenya Tourist Board
(i) Mahmoud Jan Mohamed
(ii) Susan Githuku
(iii) Joseph Kibichu Kimani
(iv) Paul Tergat
(v) Martin Danford
(vi) Zainab Abdalla
7. Board members, Kenya Tourist Development Corporation
(i) Shellina Popat
(ii) Bramwell Simiyu
(iii) John Mwazemba Mwaduwi
(iv) Maria Kagai Ligaga
(v) Fatma Mohamed Achoki
(vi) Andrew Agak
(vii) Mary Mugure Mutugi
(viii) Junet Sheik Nuh Mohamed
8. Board Members, Kenya Utalii College
(i) Lucy Makumbi – Macridis
(ii) Manuel Mwambacha Kitololo
(iii) John Akama (Prof)
9. Board Members, Hotels and Restaurants Authority
(i) Apollo Mwalemu Nzano
(ii) Hazel Koitaba
(iii) Paul R. Ichangi
(iv) Patricia Awori
(v) Anthony Ngunga
(vi) Walter Reif
(vii) Nev Jiwani
(viii) Jamine M. K. Madara
These changes are part of the measures being undertaken by the Ministry of Tourism in readiness for the adoption of the new Tourism Act, 2011, and are meant to streamline the delivery of services across the different corporations.

Hon. Danson Mwazo, MP
Minister for Tourism

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