Kenyan brides up in arms against guests sharing wedding photos

Posted on August 1, 2012


Facebook & Twitter Photo Sharing:
Not on my Wedding Day – Kenyan Brides Wish.

Next time you are at a Kenyan wedding, you may be going against the wishes of your hosts when you take a picture and share it on social media.
Nairobi, Kenya, Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 – A new survey by Kenya Wedding Centre says that majority of Kenyan brides wish they could have more control over the day-of-the-wedding photos that guests get to share on social media.
More than 58% percent of brides surveyed indicated that they preferred having control over which photos would get shared online with 47 % of the brides indicating that they would request guests prior to the big day not to share day-of-the-wedding photos on social media including facebook and twitter.
The survey interviewed 1,893 brides who are currently planning their wedding, 54% of whom have their wedding less than 18 months away.
While she is 100% in support of friends and family taking wedding day pictures, Graice Karugi, head of the Wedding Planning Academy at Kenya Wedding Centre puts this in context:
“While in most cases it’s a situation where guests and friends are genuinely sharing their joy and excitement for the couple, it is important to put into consideration the fact when the bride and groom have spent so much money to hire a professional photographer to capture the special moments of their wedding day as perfectly as possible, you don’t want a scenario whereby some not so professional photos or even truly awful ones, surface on the internet.”
“As we get into the busy wedding months of August and December, I encourage anyone who has been honored with a wedding invitation to resist the natural urge to whip out their camera phone and instead focus more on enjoying the wonderful occasion that a wedding is.”, adds Karugi, who also serves as the Weddings Beautiful Worldwide Program Director, East & Central Africa.

About Kenya Wedding Centre:
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