Areas National Treasury could not justify budget allocations to…

Posted on June 12, 2013


Reading through the report tabled in parliament by the budget committee 12 areas come up where the National Treasury could not justify why and how money will be allocated. Here is the list:


  1. Ksh: 3 billion to under take human resources reforms
  2. Ksh. 319 million to the Public Procurement Oversight Authority
  3. Ksh. 500 million to the Financial Reporting Center
  4. Ksh. 100 million to the Nairobi Financial Center
  5. Ksh. 278 million towards refurbishment of the National Treasury and construction of a connecting bridge to Bima House
  6. Ksh. 4 billion for Constitutional Reforms
  7. Ksh. 2 billion to implement irrigation to schools
  8. Ksh. 105 million for construction of green houses for schools
  9. Ksh. 1.3 billion for irrigation infrastructure
  10. Ksh. 300 million for establishing  an expert/services scheme at the National Treasury
  11. Ksh. 75 million for the privatization commission
  12. Ksh. 1.3 billion for prefab housing for health housing.
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