Where China is making its mark in Africa!….. China Daily Reveals

Posted on June 18, 2013


ImageOver the last decade, there has been a lot of talk on Sino-African trade. This has seen a number of African countries create renewed interest in China as global geopolitics reshape.

The trade volumes are believed to be in the tune of $ 200 billion per year.

According to a story appearing on China Daily, the top Chinese Investments in Africa by sector includes the following:

  • Oil and Natural gas- 19%
  • Rail and Road -18.55%
  • Other mining- 10%
  • Hydroelectric dams-9.2%
  • Iron ore-7.4%
  • Copper-6.9%
  • Civil constructions-5.9%
  • Manufacturing-3.7%
  • Uranium-2.3%
  • Airports-2%
  • Aid-1.8%
  • Port construction-1.6%
  • Gold-0.7%
  • Water-0.5%
  • Others-11%

Still on the report, the African countries in which China invested most included:

  1. Nigeria-$15.4 billion
  2. Algeria-$9.2 billion
  3. South Africa- $6.6 billion
  4. Democratic Republic of Congo-$6.5 billion
  5. Niger-$5.2 billion
  6. Egypt-$3.2 billion
  7. Libya-$2.6 billion
  8. Zambia-$2.4 billion
  9. Sudan-$2.2 billion
  10. Ethiopia-$1.9 billion.

The data, the weekly paper says is sourced from the China Business Review and the Heritage Foundation. 


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