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Posted on September 6, 2013



At the invitation of the President of the Republic of Kenya,  H.E. Uhuru Kenyatta, C.G.H, H.E. Dr. Goodluck  Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, paid a State Visit to the Republic of Kenya from 5th-7th September, 2013.

2.   In a convivial and warm atmosphere, reflecting the cordial and

personal relations between them, the two Presidents met and held extensive discussions on a wide range of bilateral issues between the two countries.

The diverse agenda also provided the two Presidents the opportunity to review and agree on current regional, continental and global issues.

3.   Recalling the long and friendly bilateral relations between Kenya and

Nigeria, the two Presidents appreciated the historic ties that bind the two countries together. This warm relationship was exemplified by the attendance of President Goodluck Jonathan at the inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta in April, 2013 and the subsequent visit to Nigeria  of President Kenyatta in July, 2013 to attend the Abuja +12 Summit, which also witnessed the signing of three Agreements between Nigeria and Kenya.

The two Presidents:

4.            Appreciated that the Agreement establishing a Joint Commission for

Cooperation (JCC) between the two countries that was concluded on 16th July, 2013 in Abuja, Nigeria, has provided an effective legal framework for strengthening bilateral relations and for deepening cooperation between the two countries.

5.              Reaffirmed their enduring commitment to enhance and further deepen

the warm and friendly relations existing between the two countries with concrete, sustainable and mutually rewarding legal instruments and activities that would increase trade, investment and job creation.


6.            Agreed that in order to increase trade between the two countries,

promote Intra-African trade and  expand the numerous and  diverse opportunities for trade and investment, the two Presidents directed the relevant authorities of both countries to immediately identify measures required to eliminate tariff and non- tariff barriers to trade such as visa restrictions and poor infrastructure. The two Presidents also directed that the relevant authorities of the two countries expedite the conclusion of the Draft Agreement on Immigration Matters.


7.              Further agreed that the existing structures established to regulate

the extensive and diverse bilateral relations between the two countries would be elevated, to manage the evolving Strategic Partnership between the two countries, eventually leading into the establishment of a Bi-National Commission.

8.              The two Presidents witnessed the historic signing of the following


i.              Agreement on Visa Exemption for holders of Diplomatic Passports;

ii.             MOU on the Conclusion of Agreements on Double Taxation and Promotion

and Protection Investments (IPPA);

iii.            MoU on Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Cooperation;

iv.           MoU on Tourism Co-operation;

v.            MoU on Twinning of Cities and Towns;

vi.           MoU on Trade and Investment Cooperation and

vii.          MoU on Oil & Gas Cooperation.



9.            The two Presidents stressed the role of the African Union (AU) in the

pursuit of peace and security in the African Continent, particularly in the Horn of Africa, West Africa, the Great Lakes Region and the Sahel.

They also committed to re-dedicate their efforts to combat trans-national crime, human and drugs trafficking, maritime insecurity and piracy and underscored the primacy of the United Nations in maintaining international peace and security.


10.          They noted that Kenya and Nigeria are active members of the United

Nations and other Multilateral Organizations and share similar world views  and consensus on many issues and agreed to continue to cooperate at international fora on matters of mutual concern.


11. The two Presidents further condemned the heinous acts being committed by terrorists and criminal gangs including Al-Shabaab and Boko Haram and renewed their countries’ determination to fight terrorism along with the rest of the International Community



12.          H.E, President Uhuru Kenyatta, on behalf of the people of Kenya,

acknowledged the steadfast support of the government and people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to the Government and people of Kenya and thanked H.E President Goodluck Jonathan for honouring his invitation to visit Kenya.


13.          H.E. President Goodluck Jonathan expressed warm appreciation to H.E

President Uhuru Kenyatta, the people and the government of Kenya, for the warm welcome and generous hospitality extended to his delegation during the visit.


14.          H.E. President Goodluck Jonathan extended an invitation to H.E.

President Uhuru Kenyatta to pay a State Visit to the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with a specific date to be mutually agreed through diplomatic channels.


15.          His Excellency, President Uhuru Kenyatta warmly accepted the invitation.


Dated this  …………….    day of September, 2013 in Nairobi, Kenya




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