Of Imperial Bank, Mbuta, Charter House Bank and W.E Tilley (Muthaiga) Ltd

Posted on October 28, 2015


W.E Tilley (Muthaiga), the firm said to be at the center of Imperial Bank of Kenya fraud is not a new comer in such. The firm which has already admitted it will refund Sh10 billion to the bank was also mentioned in the collapsed Charter House Bank saga.


The Late Abdulmalek JanMohamed, former MD Imperial Bank

While presenting a dossier on the extent of fraud and tax evasion at Charter House Bank, the MP and now Mandera Senator Billow Kerrow mentioned W.E Tilley (Muthaiga) as one of the conduits.

“Parliament was told that W.E. Tilley had operations across the region with fishing investments in Tanzania,” notes a story on East Africa Business Week reproduced by Wikileaks.

The Daily Nation in its reporting on the firms connections to Charter House Bank indicated thus ‘ Investigators also found out that the account held by one W.E. Tilley (Muthaiga) showed receipts of Sh5.89 billion against sales of Sh1.35 billion which the report indicated, “suspected money laundering.”

On its website, W.E Tilley (Muthaiga) notes that one of its key corporate tenets is to ‘uphold principles of professional conduct, honor and goodwill that foster accord with our customers, suppliers and business partners alike,’

With a specialty on the Lake Victoria Perch (Nile Perch), the firms says the product can be presented in virtually innumerable forms, both in the fresh and frozen state, depending on the requirements of the particular market in which it is to be consumed.

W.E Tilley (Muthaiga) is sued together with its associates namely Primecatch (Exports) Limited, Mara Fish Packers Limited J Fish Kenya Limited as well as Marmo E Granito Mines (T) Limited, Marmo Marble (U) Limited and Fishways Uganda Limited.

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