Nakumatt thrown out of Eldo Centre, Eldoret

Posted on November 4, 2017


Nakumatt Supermarket has been thrown out of its Eldoret premises.

The mid afternoon action caught the over 200 employees of the branch unaware.

According to the landlord, Nakumatt is yet to pay the Ksh21 million in rent arrears. The decision to throw out the retailer they added was occasioned by an application it recently filed in court for administration.

“Please be advised that the landlord in accordance with the lease dates Feb 2, 2010 has exercised the right of forfeit to re enter and recover its premises from Nakumatt Holdings.

The tenant continues to be in areas and has apples for bankruptcy protection” read the statement in part.

Nakumatt has in the last six months faced with unprecedented financial challenges. It owes its suppliers, landlords and lenders an estimated Ksh30 billion.

The retailer continues to face pressure from its creditors. Most recently it closed its Kisii branch as well as Junction in Nairobi.

The application for administration by Nakumatt will be heard in court on 8th of Nov 2017.

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