Former KQ finance boss reinstated

Posted on November 7, 2017


Former Kenya Airways Finance Director Alex Mbugua has been reinstated.

Mbugua is expected t resume his office at the Pride Centre tomorrow 8th November following a order.

Mbugua was relieved of his duty at the carrier in January 2016.

He recently wrote a protest letter to Kenya Airways chairman Michael Joseph in which he alleged that the airline wanted to use him as a fall guy in a court case.

In the letter, Mbugua detailed the genesis of KQ’s financial woes through a series of scandals.

In the letter he documented how ticket pricing discounting done with the backing of the airlines top executives bled it.

Mbugua also accused Mbuvi Ngunze a former MD and past chairman Denis Awuori of being the architects of his woes and decision to fire him.

He also narrated how he ordered the forensic audit at the airline. The same audit that he claimed Ngunze, now an advisor at the airlines was planning to indict him on.

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